Lid Raisers is a coaching and training company that help to provoke vision from within the client that stirs spiritual and personal growth, helps clients build and sustain healthy relationships and help our clients to become more effective in leadership.

Lid Raisers was founded by Matthew Nathaniel Smith and Donniece Greene-Smith who belong to The John Maxwell Team of Coaches, Trainers and Speakers. They have been trained and certified by John to help you to be intentional in your life both privately and professionally—by working with purpose and having a solid plan to fulfill it. Being intentional is about relying on a pre-determined strategy. As founding partners with the John Maxwell Team they are equipped with the best materials and have developed the proper skills to work with you one-on-one, in group settings, and through workshops and seminars to visualize, create and execute a customized leadership strategy to best fit your needs.

Here at Lid Raisers we are passionate and committed to raising the lid in all our clients in every area of their lives.

Become part of a live interactive group where we will be offering twice monthly coaching, teaching, mentoring and Q&A calls. You will be part of a community of like minded individuals where you can get support, forge new friendships, and questions answered. You will also benefit from observational learning. This where you witness other members of the community being coached through an issue that they bring forth and be able to applied the learning to your own life.

For those who want a little more of the personal touch, at registration you have the opportunity to also sign up for one-on-one coaching.

For more information on our one-on-one and small group coaching and mentoring program, contact us today!


Here at Lid Raisers we have a number of coaches who are Founding Partners and Certified Independent Coaches, Teachers & Speakers by the John Maxwell Team. We have been equipped to share some of the wealth of John Maxwell's philosophy and teachings regarding leadership and personal growth. We facilitate mastermind groups, lunch 'n' learn groups and host workshops and seminars based around some of these learning systems. We can also offer private masterminds, lunch 'n' learn groups, workshops and seminars to businesses, churches or other self organised groups.

If you would be interested in learning when our next public delivering of a John Maxwell Learning Systems you can stay informed by joining our Mailing List.

If you would like us to bring the learning systems to your businesses, churches or any other self organised groups or private function then please contact us today for more details.